Expert Shell W.E.S.T. 1.0

(WEB Expert System Toolkit)

for publication of knowledge bases in WWW

This software is intended for publication in Internet of Knowledge Bases (Expert Systems), developed in ESWin.

Expert Shell W.E.S.T. is compatible (with some limits) with toolkit ESWin 1.32 and supports the knowledge representation by rules and frames. Linguastic variables and access to Data Bases by SQL are not supported since.

W.E.S.T. consists of Expert Shell and tools for administration of knowledge bases and

was developed in PHP4 and MySQL.

This software supports solving of tasks by backward inference engine. The facts are got from dialog with user and are saving in Base of facts.. During dialog graphics in formats GIF, BMP, JPEG, HTML, PNG and text files in format TXT may be used for explaining of questions. The solving is explained by trace, shown sequence of using rules and received facts.

W.E.S.T. is offered in three variants:

190 $ for beginning + 50 $ per year.

Published Your Knowledge Base may include reclaim about Your company and links.

More over, we can develop for You Expert System for solving Your problems (in additional agreement).

You can test work with W.E.S.T. in

The buyer will get large discounts for upgrade to new versions.

In case third variant buyer will use free new versions at once when its will developed.