Hybrid Intelligent Systems

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About us

Our laboratory continues activity of INSYCOM Ltd.(1991-2005) established in 1991 at Department of Computer Engineering of Novosibirsk State Technical University.

Our mission is investigations and development in Artificial Intelligence at Department of Computer Engineering of NSTU, in particular, in fields:

We is owner of some "know-how" in intelligent technologies and find partners for collaboration.

Our Products

W.E.S.T. 1.0 - Toolkit for publication of Expert Systems in WWW

ESWin 2.0 - Tool Kit for Developers of Expert Systems

Here You can download ESWin 2.0 demo

Here You can look editor of knowledge bases KlbEdit

ESWin 2.0 + W.E.S.T. may be used as complex system for development of Expert Systems and publication of them in Internet(pdf)

AnalDB - program for Data Analyzing by Neural Network.

Now You can download AnalDB demo

Here are some figures, demonstrated any applications of this program:

Myconnect - Shareware Utility for developers of WEB-applications based on MySQL

Now You can download Myconnect (shareware)

ExtrEm - Shareware program for extraction of URL-links and email-addresses

Now You can download ExtrEm (shareware)

Our proposals

We and our partners are looking for job for hire (outsourcing, offshore contacts). We have experience in following projects:

Platforms: Windows 2K/XP/NT/ME/98/95/3.1, Linux, NetWare, MS-DOS. DBMS: MS SQL Server, InterBase, MySQL, FoxPro, MS Access.

Languages and development kits: Delphi, C++ (Visual C++; C++ Builder; MFC, STL), Java (JDK, SDK,JBuilder, Visual J++; Applets, Servlets, JFC), Perl, SQL, Prolog, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, PHP, ASP. Technologies: Internet/Intranet, COM/DCOM, ActiveX.